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Ooh! Faced!

October 30, 2007

I did facial motion capture (emotion capture? eh? Ehhhh???) for Epic Games in Cary. They’re the company that made Gears of War, for those of you who are out of the loop. They’re also the company behind Jazz Jackrabbit, Jill of the Jungle, and most importantly to this post: the Unreal Tournament series.

Because I’m responsible for every male facial movement in the long-awaited Unreal Tournament III (my friend Katie did the female emotion capture in it).

They’re using new emotion-capture software, and it’s pretty badass. If you want to see the kind of subtle movements it picks up, why not watch the trailer and keep your eyes open for a signature Fit-KitzSimons eyebrow-twitch in the last scene?

I promise, I’ll be glad you did.


We’re On In Five, Four, Three…

October 30, 2007
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Nobody should ever start a blog without writing a first-post journal. Usually, first-post posts are an explanation of why the blogger felt it necessary to start a journal (or, often, a new journal) and force their friends to (re)find and (re)link it. …Enh. Not interested.


Title of Blog: In The Field With Simon FitzKit
(emphasis on the ‘fitz’ as if you’re SnoopDogg-izing the word ‘fidget’)
My friend Sketch and I came up with this character as a bit of green-screen brilliance.

The idea is that he talks like a vaudevillain reporter and presents ‘live’ segments from in front of the craziest green-screen movie clips we can find: zombie apocalypse, during Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall,’ interviewing DeNiro in ‘Taxi Driver’… you know, the standard stuff.

URL of Blog: folioninja.blogspot
“Folio Ninja” is my user ID on every video game I’ve played since March, 2006. It just sounded like it fit. Plus it seemed appropriate, considering how, at the time, I was rocking the senior year of an English major and taking the world’s greatest Shakespeare course. Enjoying that much of The Immortal Bard at one time makes a man do crazy things, like consider how much cooler ninja would be if they were also learned classic-lit scholars.

…Also, my friend Nate from Atlanta saw the phrase on my profile and decided to create the Polio Ninja, whose entire purpose is not to assassinate you quickly and quietly, but instead to give you polio.