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FELL from grace, FELL in love, FELL in with the wrong crowd | December 1, 2007


“Ben Templesmith…is finishing FELL #9.”

For those who have not yet witnessed the wonder that is FELL, please click here and read the entire first issue online…for (legally) free!

The point of the comic has always been to provide stand-alone stories about a messed-up city’s brilliant-but-flawed detective-hero (hyphens awaaaay!) for only 2 bucks a piece. Each page is crammed with panels to make up for the low page count, and the format really adds to the intensity of the tales Ellis tells.

I, of course, have rendered that nice affordability gift moot by first purchasing the individual issues and then, just recently buying myself the first trade. Because I like it that much.

…I’ve let this journal sit here unposted for a good ten hours while I’ve tried to think of something else to say. Really, that was it: 1) FELL #9 is on its way and 2) If you don’t know what that means, you should.


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  1. Holy F#cking Sh@t!! I’m so glad to hear that FELL will once again hit the shelves.

    Comment by Rush — December 3, 2007 @ 2:44 am

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