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More Than Meets The Eye | December 29, 2007

1) Warren Ellis says:
“Theatre is only ever pointless when there’s only five people in the room.”

I believe theater is only pointless when the performers believe it’s pointless. I’ve done improv shows for 4 people –with 6 people onstage– and everyone present had a blast. I’ve also been in shows for 50 people that I felt were a complete waste of all of our time.

It all comes down to how you view the act of performance. If you hold it to a strict must-have-at-least-_____-audience-members requirement, and then you do a show for that many people and aren’t committed because “only a quorum showed up” …that attitude’s going to translate into a pointless –and most likely lifeless– show. But if you go into it with the idea that you’re doing this show especially for these four people, and you’re going to give them your attention (and, in the case of improv, gear your humor toward them in particular) …the show will be fun for both performers and watchers, and they’ll go home and tell their friends, “It was an amazing show. If only more people had come. Next time, you should come with us.”

Simply stated, perception is 9/10 of the law.

I assume that’s the gist of Chapter 4 of The Secret, so maybe you already knew that.

2) Baby exoskeletons?! (link)

Gotta Getta Gundam.


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