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The Sea Ring

July 18, 2008
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The North Carolina Aquariums site has the following advertising the Roanoake Island branch of its operations:

My immediate thought:
Samara has returned, and now instead of seven days, she’s giving you seven seas. Ever wonder where that well drained into? The North Carolina Aquariums. Don’t put on your earphones; that self-guided tour can’t tell you what to do now. Samara is in control, and before the night is done, the seas will run red with blood. She’s showing her video on all the fish-info screens, and everyone knows… sound travels faster underwater.


CSI DSI…is disc?

May 5, 2008
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Tonight, I told the entire DSI Company what I get out of DSI, and I got a little choked up. Later tonight, I watched a CSI/Without A Trace crossover two-parter, and I got a little disappointed by the WAT half.

CSI = Interesting characters who act like a family solving a mystery by enhancing the size and focus of evidence; usually involves the word ‘epithelial’

Without A Trace = Bland assemblage of people solving a mystery by talking to former contacts and doing lots of flashbacks to things the culprit had done years ago; usually involves the actor Anthony Lapaglia

Now, the CSI/DSI connection: Anthony Lapaglia is what Zach Ward will look like in 15 years. That is neither a compliment nor an insult. However, I hope Zach’s in better shows in 15 years than WAT…better shows like CSI. Boom.

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Alias Indeed

April 30, 2008
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I was watching the 5th season of Alias tonight and was struck by an annoyingly persistent truth:

Balthazar Getty is the poor man’s Liev Schreiber.

I stole appropriated the above image from another blogger who is one of many to write the words “Does anyone else get these two confused?” So I feel confident that I’m not the only one who feels this way.

PS: I find it mildly amusing that my Spell Check humbly suggests I mean Kiev Schrödinger but has no problem with Balthazar or Getty. Who’s the poor man’s whom now?

PPS: Balthazar Getty apparently played Jack Shephard Ralph in the 1990 version of ‘Lord of the Flies.’ Yes, NetFlix; in fact, I would like to view that in 2-3 days.


December 1, 2007
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I’ve been lied to.

Trusted friends informed me that they’d canceled the seventh season of 24 due to lack of fan excitement over Season 6. Today, I learned differently from a source apparently more reliable than all of my friends (namely In fact, there will be a Season 7. The proof is in the pudding trailer: (SPOILER WARNING!!! EVEN I HAVEN’T WATCHED THIS!).

So what were my so-called friends talking about when they were brutally crushing my dreams of more contiguous action-adventure-stressfests? They were talking, it seems, about this:

“With only about 8 episodes completed (some reports say 9), the show, which is centered around their heavily serialized, 24 episode format, would be extremely off-balance were they to simply run those finished episodes now and then have fans go through a prolonged wait until the rest of the season was completed and ready to air. As the FOX press release puts it: ’24 PREMIERE POSTPONED TO ENSURE DAY 7 PROVIDES NON-STOP ACTION!'”

Oooookay, so it’s delayed. Good. I’m fine with a delay; that’ll give me time to watch my DVDs of Season 6 (which I’m asking my parents for this CMas). Man, if it’s delayed enough, maybe instead of watching Season 6 when I get it, I’ll just watch Seasons 1-5 again.

Mmmmm…6 24’s…gross.