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April 18, 2009
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GI JOE RESOLUTE: Adult version of GI Joe, by which I mean people die. So very good. …Not that people are dying; that it’s written by the initimitable Warren Ellis, author of Fell and Crooked Little Vein. Both incredible. In fact, Warren Ellis is just awesome in general; he’s the kind of person who can get away with hating humanity because that’s somehow what they love him for.

And I'll be buying cheap seasons on DVD later today.

And I'll be buying cheap seasons on DVD later today.

NINTENDO DSi: Purchased because I…kind of had to, it’s basically a slightly nicer version of the DS. Improvement? Well, its matte finish makes it feel nicer, and its screen is a little bigger, and it’s got two cameras that make it nice when my phone’s gallery is full… I like it.

MAGIC: THE GATHERING: Never played until friends recently asked if I’d sit in on a card draft. Combine collectibility with logic-problem-like deck-building strategy and occasional art by Wayne Reynolds, and I’m hooked. I just got 2 free decks mailed to me by the company as part of some kind of recruitment promotion… that I think only Magic nerds even heard about.

IMPROV: DSI High Season 2 is back (with a brand new video by Ted Hobgood), DSI Witness News is back, Banana Breakup is going to have a year-end blowout, ComedySportz is ridiculously fun, I coached ComedySportz High School League into winning the CSz March Madness Tournament at the Theater, and I’m finally feeling like I know what I’m doing with this whole spontaneous performance thing.

SHIRT.WOOT: I’ve bought a closet of $10 shirts from them in the last year. I could literally throw away every non-woot shirt I own and still not have to do laundry for three weeks (six if I rotated; don’t scoff…you do it too).

EMINEM: His new single is incredibly fun and almost exactly what I’d want a music video by me to be like (I wouldn’t fart in mine).


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